Safety Matta: a naturally grassy, yet safer surface! 

Safety Matta grass mat style safety surfacing provides a safer surface whilst promoting maximum grass growth, and as the tiles mould to the shape of the ground, is suitable for use on contoured sites or slopes. The grass grows up and through the surface and in only a few weeks the area blends in with the rest of the environment creating a greener, safer play area, and once the grass is fully established, it can be mowed without causing any damage to the surfacing.

Safety Matta is unique amongst other grass mat style surfacing products as it’s available in a choice of either black or  green tiles. The unique green option is ideal for sites with areas of heavy wear, as even where grass growth may be restricted, such as under swings or roundabouts it still creates an environmentally harmonious effect.

Also, unlike inferior grass mat products, each Safety Matta tile securely interlocks with its neighbours, so there are no cable ties to come loose or break, creating an almost seamless, much more secure, longer lasting surface, and with its 10 year guarantee, theres no better grass mat safety surfacing product. For more Safety Matta installation information, click here.

Creating a CFH of up to 2.9m (Safety or Elite Option)

Safety Mattas can provide a Critical Fall Height (CFH) of up to 2.9m, however it should be noted that as with all products of this nature, the CFH is dependant on site specific factors such as soil type, soil moisture levels and grass growth.

Matta offer a unique solution for playgrounds that require a greater CFH but with the look of a natural grassy environment: a combined installation of Safety and Play Matta, creating a CFH of up to 4.5m. The required colour Play Matta with the appropriate shock pad underlay is fitted immediately around the equipment, and the installation seamlessly interlocked with Safety Matta grass mat tiles further from the fall zone, creating the ultimate natural, yet safer environment even around the highest of play equipment. For more information on Play Matta, click here.

Help prevent muddy patches...

Has the grass been worn away leaving mud puddles in the winter and dusty, bare areas in the summer? In areas of heavy wear, this can quickly become the case, Safety Matta is also ideal for preventing such areas from occurring, as the tiles protect the roots of the grass and create a surface above any bare earth. Safety Mattas are ideal for use in areas with high pedestrian traffic flow, such as gateways and paths, and as they interlock securely there is no risk of the tiles coming apart and creating a trip hazard, creating an ideal surface to enable disabled access.

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