Recover Matta | Playground Resurfacing

Recover Matta offers a unique and long lasting repair solution that will give your playground a new lease of life.

  • Give new life to damaged or old surfacing.
  • A cost-effective long term solution.
  • Rejuvenate play areas with damaged surfacing.

Trying to repair damaged surfaces with a repair kit can be time consuming and ineffective, creating a patchy and weakened end result.

Critical fall height

Recover Matta hardwearing tile system is installed over the damaged surfacing, retaining the Critical Fall Height (CFH) of the surface below.

It can also be installed over concrete areas, using the appropriate combination of shock pad underlay creates a CFH of up to 4.5m.


Recover Matta is laid over the existing surfacing, ensuring quick installation and minimal site downtime. The tile system means there's no need to resurface the whole playground.

Our Matta experts will survey your site, and upon examination of the surface, will recommend whether the site needs Matta shock pad underlay or just the Recover Matta top tile.

Available in 16 colours
CFH up to 4.5m
Recycled Materials

Why use Matta

Why use Matta

10 year guarantee
Matta surfacing is compliant with UK and European safety, and require no maintenance. Surfacing is also flame retardant to avoid damage by arson.
Efficient Service
Surfacing will be installed by a member of the in-house expert installation team. With friendly advice provided along the way. 
100% recycled content
By using recycled materials, Matta avoids the creation of virgin materials which would generate substantial carbon emissions.

Our Products

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Safety Matta grass style safety surfacing provides a safer surface whilst promoting maximum grass growth, creating a greener and safer area.

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Recover Matta provides an attractive, cost effective and long term repair solution to rejuvinate damaged playground safety surfaces

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Safety doesn’t have to be boring. With playground safety surfaces from Matta, you can create colourful and accessible playgrounds for everyone to enjoy.

Want to see what Matta surfacing will look like in your playground? Our handy design tool allows you to get creative with colours and patterns.

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