Critical Fall Height

What is the Critical Fall Height?

A critical fall height (CFH) is the maximum height of fall from play equipment to the ground. It is important to note that safety surfaces do not prevent injury but aim to lessen the severity of any injury that may occur on falls from height. 

It's important that you ensure the surfacing below each item of equipment is correctly specified for the critical fall height properties for that piece. Different play equipment will all have different fall heights, and your equipment manufacturer will be able to advise you as to the CFH required for each item.

 Should you be unable to contact the manufacturer of any existing equipment, or have any queries, the Matta team can carry out a site survey to ensure the right product and CFH is specified.  

All Matta surfaces are independently tested and certified to specific critical fall heights up to 4.5m

For certificates of Matta Products Critical Fall Heights please see our Certificates section