What ground preparation is required before installing a safety surface?

This is dependent on the chosen surface. Matta will provide you with full details of all ground preparation requirements. We also work closely with all the UK's leading play equipment manufacturers, so will liase directly with your chosen equipment supplier, to ensure all requirements are communicated, avoiding potential problems and unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing!

Once installed, how often should surfacing be inspected?

All public play areas must have an annual safety inspection and report, ideally carried out by an Inspector with the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII). Depending on the level of use, play areas may need operational inspections every few months, and this should cover all aspects of the playground including the surfacing. Matta surfacing is extremely durable and long lasting, therefore an annual inspection is adequate, however play areas with loose fill surfacing should be checked on a much more regular basis, possibly weekly, to ensure that the surface depth remains compliant with the critical fall height for the play area, and that hygiene levels (with regards to nasties such as animal mess, glass, syringes etc) are maintained. Remember, a well maintained play area with good inspection regimes can help prevent accidents from occurring. For more information visit: www.playinspectors.com

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Alternatively, download our Guide To Safety Surfacing which is full of useful information to help you make the best informed decisions possible