Recover Matta: makes damaged or old surfacing look better than new!

Playgrounds are subject to lots of wear and tear and no area more so than the safety surfacing. Recover Matta provides an attractive, cost effective and long term repair solution to rejuvenate play areas with damaged playground safety surfacing.

Constant movement and scuffing of feet can make some surface installations break up long before equipment needs to be replaced, particularly in areas of repeated wear such as under swings and roundabouts. Trying to repair such surfaces with a repair kit can be time-consuming and ineffective, creating a patchy, untidy and weakened end result.

Recover Matta offers a unique and long lasting repair solution, the hardwearing tile system is installed over the damaged surfacing, retaining the Critical Fall Height (CFH) of the surface below. It can also be installed over concrete areas, and using the appropriate combination of shock pad underlay create a CFH of up to 4.5m, whilst creating a more colourful area with increased play appeal.

Installed by the expert Matta team, Recover Matta is laid over the existing surfacing, ensuring quick installation and minimal site downtime. The tile system means there’s no need to resurface the whole playground, but instead can be used to cover smaller areas with ease.

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