A Guide to Maintaining Safety Matta


Matta Products (UK) -Safety Matta in Natural Green or Black

Nominal size of 500mm x 500mm x 25mm.

Safety Matta is the Original Grass interlocking safety tile surface for

Playgrounds allowing the natural grass to grow through the ‘Natural Green’

tiles to blend the product seamlessly into the environment.




Grass Cutting

The grass should be mowed on a regular basis using a conventional

rotary petrol mower or similar, a strimmer may be required to reach

into inaccessible places or around posts.




Ongoing Monitoring

Pins working Loose -Hammer back into place.

Mats “letting go” and seams splitting – Contact Matta Products (UK)

at the first sign of a problem as failure to remedy this at an early stage

can result in compounding problems.

Arson – Unless a substantial fire has been started it is likely that the

surface will only be scorched. Matta Products can replace damaged tiles

for a small charge.

Edges becoming uncovered – Recover the edges with some fresh top soil

and apply some grass seed.

Dipping Tiles – Areas of heavy use may show signs of dipping and result in

compaction of the soil. Decompact the ground by working a fork or a hand held

aerator in the compacted areas. It may also be possible to lift the tiles about

50mm without breaking the seams whilst at the same time sieving some fresh

top soil through the tiles and then applying some grass seed. This will help to

relevel any dipped areas.


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