Recover Matta Installation Details

Recover Matta surfaces are only available from Matta Products, ensuring they’re always professionally installed by our own, expert installation team. We take pride in every installation, guaranteeing a first class finish at each site. Our expert installers can fit Recover Matta surfacing under and around all types of play equipment.

  • Our Matta experts will survey your site, and upon examiniation of the surface, will recommend whether the site needs Matta shockpad underlay or just the Recover Matta top tile
  • If Recover Matta shockpads are required, these are laid over the existing surface
  • A geo textile weed barrier layer is then installed over the shockpads to prevent weed growth on the installation
  • Recover Matta tiles are then laid over the weed barrier
  • The surface locks together using a male & female lug system, with every tile side having a lug every 100mm
  • The lugs are also glued together using Mattafix glue to help form one continuous, impenetrable surface, which helps ensure the surface cannot be pulled apart
  • Perimeter edges are then either ramped back down to existing ground levels using ramped edging, or buried into the ground.
  • All edges are securely fixed to the ground using 5 x 225 mm nylon pins per 500mm length which lock into recesses in the mats, ensuring the surface is securely fitted tight to the ground

Download Recover Matta Specification Clause

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