Pathway Matta: a safer, anti-slip pathway surface!

Ideal for covering tarmac or concrete pathways, or for creating new pathways where public safety is paramount, Pathway Matta is the latest safety surface product from Matta Products.


Coated with an anti-slip finish, Pathway Matta can aid the prevention of slips, trips and falls. In the incident of a fall, the rubber surface cushions impact with the floor, helping to keep injury to a minimum - unlike falls to hard, concrete or tarmac.

The versatility of Pathway Matta allows it to be installed over existing hard flooring, including tarmac, block paving, slabs and concrete. This in turn, eradicates the need to excavate and dig up existing pathways, which causes both site disruption and a negative environmental impact, as all extracted hard surface will need to be sent to landfill, at a cost.

Made from 100% recycled materials, Pathway Matta is a friendlier surface type that can be walked on straight after installation. An ideal choice of walkway surface for many types of location, including; Playgrounds, parks, retirement homes, hospitals, care homes, adventure parks, theme parks and more.

  • Anti- slip surface
  • Cushions falls and helps prevent serious injuries
  • Safer pathway solution
  • Can be walked on straight after installation 
  •  Rejuvenates existing pathways, creating a positive impact on the environment
  • Saves on landfill costs