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PHS Group Announces 5% Carbon Reduction

Jul 21, 2009

PHS Group, Matta Products parent company, has released its annual environmental report, which highlights a significant 5% reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.

PHS Group, the UK’s leading workplace services specialist, has released its annual environmental report, which highlights a significant 5% reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.

As well as achieving excellent growth in the financial year 2008/2009, PHS has simultaneously reduced the carbon impact of its operation, demonstrating that continued business growth need not be at the expense of environmental sustainability.

When factored against revenue, the carbon emissions of the Group were reduced by 5% versus financial year 2008/2009, due in large part, to a considerable reduction in fuel usage of 8.5%.

Peter Cohen, Group CEO comments "We’re very proud of these results and the organisational commitment that underpins them. PHS has always been aware of its environmental responsibilities, particularly as many of our services operate in the sensitive and environmentally focused waste disposal sector."

Established in 1963, PHS now encompasses a diverse range of workplace service businesses - everything from washroom services to landscape gardening, and from healthcare waste disposal to point of use water dispensers. The challenge has therefore been to develop a robust environmental programme which ensures a consistent approach across the Group, yet still reflects the very different nature of the services and markets each PHS business operates in. This has been achieved via the Group’s WAWE initiative. WAWE, which stands for Water, Air, Waste and Energy, is a Group wide programme that brings together representatives from each business, to share knowledge and help further develop the environmentally-conscious culture which has always been an important aspect of the company.

As Cohen continues: "Whatever services we are providing, we take our responsibilities very seriously and do everything we can to ensure that both our customers, and our own business, operates sustainably and with respect for the environment. The WAWE initiative is therefore fundamental to each area of business."

In its first full year of existence, the focus delivered by the WAWE initiative has helped drive projects such as the installation of water and energy saving equipment at every site, the use of recycled paper, a "Good Housekeeping" guide for all branch managers and a simple conference calling function to reduce the need for travel within this geographically widespread organisation. A commitment to reduce air miles has also resulted in a massive 33% reduction in carbon emissions linked to flights.

As Cohen concludes: "Whilst we’re very pleased with these results, we’re not resting on our laurels. We passionately believe that businesses can operate both profitably and responsibly and we continue to strive to be a beacon of environmental effectiveness in the services sector."

Matta Products is a PHS Group Company.

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