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Worcester Primary School Chooses Matta over Bark Chips

Jun 16, 2010

A Worcestershire junior school replaces the bark chipping surface in their play area for Matta Safety Surfacing. School children no longer complain of dust in their eyes or splinters in their hands. 'The play area looks neater and is much safer' says the Head Teacher

A primary school in Worcester had a wooden ship play structure in the school’s play area. The structure was under a metre in height so wasn’t required to have an impact absorbing surface fitted around it. However, it had been installed with bark chippings lining the floor which soon proved dirty, untidy and a source of splinters in little knees and hands!

During the winter months, the chippings would become soggy with the mulch at the base of the layer making the children muddy and dirty which would transfer into the classrooms, creating a mess. During the summer months, the chippings were dry and became dusty. Frequently, children would complain of having dust in their eyes after playing on the chippings as well as suffering small splinters in their hands and knees from falling on to the bark, not to mention the fact that the play area looked untidy due to bark falling outside the compounds of the play area.

The head teacher decided to look for a cleaner, safer playground covering and after examining all the solutions available, chose Matta Products' Safety Mattas. The Safety Mattas easy drain surface prevents the play area from becoming muddy and boggy so the children no longer get dirty. And the recycled tile surface make splinters a thing of the past.

‘’The Safety Matta surface was just what we were looking for! The Matta installation team were friendly, very quick and efficient, and there was no waiting time once the surface had been laid. The play area not only looks much neater as the grass has grown, but is also much safer, and blends in completely with the rest of the play area’’.

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