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Safety Mattas Help Contain a Playground Arson Attack

Jun 16, 2010

Matta Safety Surfacing prevented the spread of fire when arsonists attacked a playground in Adur District Council. 'The flame retardant surface successfully contained the fire and limited the damage to the rest of the surface' says Clive Bramble (Adur Council Group Manager)

Adur District Council recently suffered a playground arson attack, with vandals setting fire to a basket swing that melted from its frame and fell burning on to the safety surface beneath, causing localised damage to the surface.

Luckily the site had Safety Mattas installed which contain flame retardants. This means that the surface prevented the spread of the fire and limited damage to the surface and the rest of the playground & equipment. The burning debris only caused a minimum of damage to the safety surface, resulting in just a small area that needed to be replaced - although this could have been a very different story had other less flame retardant surfacing been in place.

Once the damaged area had been replaced, the whole surface looked as good as new, with no patchy inconsistency of colour.

‘Safety Mattas are absolutely marvellous, fantastic. If vandals attack Matta, replacement is quick, easy, least disruptive and looks better. After a repair you see no difference which is not so with wetpour, therefore the vandals are not attracted to have another go.''- Clive Bramble (Adur District Council - Group Manager)


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